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[:en]Towards a commons financing of art & intellectual commons[:pt]Financiamento para bens comuns artísticos e culturais[:]

In research on June 27, 2018 at 4:01 AM

[:en]What models exist and are evolving to finance the cultural commons? I talk about crowdfunding, patronage, rare digital art collecting and cultural funds, among others, in a panel at ISEA Durban called “Transdisciplinary Collaborative Practices in Art, Science and Technology”.[:pt]Que modelos existem e estão sendo criados para financiar os bens comuns culturais? Como parte do painel “Transdisciplinary Collaborative Practices in Art, Science and Technology” na ISEA Durban, falei sobre financiamento coletivo, mecenato, rare digital art, fundações culturais coletivas, entre outros. (vídeo em inglês)[:]

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