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April 20, 2020

monzterEach Monzter is unique and made with 32×32 pixels and 16 colors.

They live on the blockchain that’s why they have very few pixels.


May 13, 2015

warholsA Currency Based on Obscurity & Fame, the Warhols feature three types of economy: creative, speculation, and gift.

Memorials for dead websites

September 13, 2014

An art installation at an abandoned cemetery. A tribute to some dear websites that don’t exist anymore.


February 20, 2014

NeighboursI played Ranjit Bhatnagar’s Speak&Play! at Fabiano Marques’ sound performance at the ZK/U Berlin. Watch the video documentation.

Gift Voucher

November 29, 2013

For the “Gift as Problem” exhibit in Berlin, an interactive piece that offers gift vouchers to be taken by the public. The vouchers may be redeemed by whoever is willing to accept them at either face value or for any other negotiated and agreed upon item. Each voucher has a code that can be used to document its life and circulation in the gift economy.

Artistically Irrational

June 1, 2012

Dan Ariely from the Center for Advanced Hindsight invited a group of artists to create pieces based on his latest research about Irrational Economics and Inequality. Check out my artwork “Pull Lever”.

Transmedia City

November 19, 2010

I gave a workshop focused on the development of interactive audiovisual content, together with Tiago Lopes e Camila Farina, in Málaga, Spain. Sponsored by Andaluzia International University with the support of Casa Invisible.

Project documentation site (in spanish)

Digital Narratives

July 14, 2010

I participated as a collaborator in the project “Digital Narratives” by Karla Brunet and Juan Freire. We spent three days in Aguiño (coast of Galicia, Spain) helping the local kids create maps, videos, photos and audios.

Encoded City

September 30, 2009

codificadaCidade Codificada was a locative art workshop I gave in Porto Alegre as part of the 22º SET Universitário PUCRS. It was fun running around town hunting for codes. We documented everything here:

Intrepid Camera

June 28, 2008

intrepidlogoA workshop to build “Intrepid Cameras” and send them to record video of various types of urban explorations, not always available directly to humans. The first edition was in Heidelberg, Germany.

The Tenth Secret

February 25, 2008

decimosegredoAn interactive movie made by the  Audiovisual Production class at the Digital Communications Program / Unisinos. This project was coordinated by myself and Tiago Lopes, and won the first prize in the web category at the 4th Re-Act Festival.

Dorkbot Salvador

July 14, 2007

dorkbotThe Gridcosm animation was featured at a special women-only edition of Dorkbot Salvador.

There are many Dorkbots around the world. Their motto is: people doing strange things with electricity. This version is organized by Karla Brunet and Mari Fiorelli.

Here are pictures from the event and a radio interview we did to promote it (mp3 excerpt – in portuguese)

Gridcosm DVD

July 10, 2006

gridcosmstill in production, a DVD about SITO.ORG’s Gridcosm project featuring among many goodies: extended fly-through animation, articipants interviews and commentary, mini doc/mockumentaries, and more… the most postponed project in Sito’s history, it WILL one day be ready. I hope.


October 20, 2005

An interface to manipulate images in real-time using brain waves.

project developed with Marlon Barrios ( during an art residency at the ZKM Media Art Center in Karlsruhe, Germany. 2005-2006


April 15, 2005

gamefilm8 teams. 4 countries. a film. a game. a collaborative experience.

I participated in this Internet2 project with a group of students from UNISINOS. Check out the results of our gamefilm

Shuffleupagus Extravaganza

June 30, 2004


– three cities
– two hemispheres
– one comic book…

Collaborative Comics at the Flux Factory in New York


June 16, 2001

loopingexhibit at the Scott Pfaffman Gallery, in East Village, New York. I showed the first “prototype” of the Gridcosm animation video there.

4Everybody Open Studio

December 15, 2000

4eOpen Studio in Harlem, New York. Works from myself and my room/studiomates, plus guest artists.


November 4, 2000

pboothPANIC Booth is one of the projects I developed during my art residency at CAAiA-STAR (now Planetary Collegium). It debuted during the SCAN Symposium and Art show in Philadelphia

Project Grey

July 22, 2000

greyInspired by a painting by Paul Delaroche: The Execution of Lady Grey. I participated together with artists and students who created animations based on the themes provided by the project creator, Manuela Corti.


July 21, 2000

hypodHyPod is an interactive multimedia installation that invites the public to use their bodies as an interface and, coordinating their movements with other people in the same dark room, navigate a hyperdimensional world of images and sounds created by dozens of artists around the world.

HyPod is based on a Web-based project called HyGrid.

Portland skies

December 9, 1999


A tribute to the skies of Portland. They are beautiful and always changing, despite what people may think based on the their rainy fame.

five fascinated, novice historians

November 23, 1999

dementA prolific genius. A dusty basement. And a whole lot of questions….

website built as a result of my art residency in Portland, Oregon, 1999

Jack Dement was the former owner of the house where I stayed. Many of his things were still in the basement, among them documents about his participation in the US atomic bomb project, and a pinch of radioactive dust…


November 17, 1997

picture-17A collaborative project by Manuela Corti, with artists from around the world, exhibited in Italy at “La coscienza Luccicante: dalla videoarte all’arte interattiva”.

corpse chamber

March 22, 1997


exquisite corpse meets PANIC. a collaboration between Ed Stastny, Lenara Verle, and SITO.ORG artists. Exhibited at Dr. Jekyll, in Porto Alegre, Brazil together with a party and impromptu PANIC session.

Alice’s mirror

July 18, 1996

espelhodealiceO Espelho de Alice – Digital Art Exhibition at Pinacoteca Barão de Santo Ângelo in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I created an alternative version of SITO.ORG’s Infinite Grid interactive project. This version was made of atoms, instead of bits, and both incarnations were shown side by side at the gallery. Here’s one and two press articles about the exhibit (in portuguese)


January 4, 1996

sitologoMy personal page at SITO.ORG

The website has detailed statistics about every artist and project.


December 31, 1995

hygridHyGrid is SITO.ORG’s award-winning hyperdimensional collaborative art project. Ongoing since 1995, it has thousands of pieces created by hundreds of artists, including myself.

LEAD Digital Gallery

December 14, 1995


I curated this exhibition of digital art with participants from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, plus special guest Chris Johnson.

Infinite Grid

November 30, 1995

infgridThe Infinite Grid is made of 16 squares. Each square’s image is created by a different artist. They are meant to blend seamlessly with its surrounding squares, crating a bigger picture. The artists can make as many variations to each square as they wish, enabling multiple possibilities for assembling the picture.

The viewer can then choose from the available possibilities. Right now, there are 86,4 billion of different possibilities to assemble the Infinite Grid. The goal is to continue growing and eventually approach infinitude.

I created images and developed an interactive interface with Shockwave/Director for this SITO.ORG project.

Artifact project

October 13, 1994

artifact6 starting points, 6 meridians and 30 countries around the world. A collaborative art project conceived by Joop Greypink. It was comissioned by Deutsche Telekom, who printed it in a calendar and a catalog.

trivia bit: this was the first time someone paid for my art 😉

Chain Reaction

September 20, 1994

chainreactionI participated in this interactive collaborative Internet art experience, conceived by Bonnie Mitchell and featured at Siggraph 95 and ISEA 95.


November 12, 1993

sito2I got in touch with collaborative art through SITO Collabspace & Artchives, in the pre-web times of 1993. Since then, I’ve been participating in many of its projects as an artist, and also using it as a subject for my academic research.

Redefining Ownership – Rare Digital Art Market

October 15, 2018

whybuyartWhy buy art? A new form of ownership powered by the blockchain reaffirms many good reasons for doing it, plus one more: enriching the cultural commons.

Read my article about it

Towards a commons financing of art & intellectual commons

June 27, 2018

What models exist and are evolving to finance the cultural commons? I talk about crowdfunding, patronage, rare digital art collecting and cultural funds, among others, in a panel at ISEA Durban called “Transdisciplinary Collaborative Practices in Art, Science and Technology”.

March 15, 2015

Inspiration for new types of money towards a better possible world. A website to collect articles and references from my research on the topic of art & alternative currencies.

Artists as Bankers, Currency as Art

January 9, 2015

mcd magazineAlternative currencies created as works of art. Article for MCD Magazine’s special Money Issue. Read online

Open Food Recipe Booklet

October 4, 2014

openfoodcookieFood has been and should remain part of the Commons. Download this PDF booklet with three recipes chosen as a tribute the Open Source Food movement. Prepared specially for the Berlin Unlimited Festival in collaboration with Entretempo Kitchen Gallery.

Open Design

March 26, 2014

opendsignI gave a lecture and a workshop about Open Source Design at FH Salzburg. The documentation includes photos, videos and PDF materials.


September 15, 2011

For ISEA 2011 in Istanbul I wrote about artists who document their lives as art. You can download the paper and the presentation slides and notes in PDF format.

Challenging Networked Communities

December 18, 2010

This was the subject of the Chance Conference in Aix-en-Provence.

I gave a talk about  “Artistic collaboration through mobile devices and networks in the urban space.”

download presentation pdf (with notes)

Mobilities and Immobilities

November 4, 2010

artemovThis was the theme for the roundtable I participated in at the Festival in Porto Alegre. This edition was about “new urban cartographies: ecology of emerging languages”. You can watch the video recording here (portuguese only)

Is there a need to disconnect?

September 15, 2009

Continuum, the Itaú Cultural Magazine, interviewed me and other people about strategies to disconnect in an increasingly connected world. I talked about my love for call screening and waterproof cellphones. (Portuguese only PDF and link)

Tendencies in web art

January 18, 2008

Talk I presented at WIF 2008 about web art tendencies. Among them:

  • subverted web
  • the code is the artist
  • web and the real world
  • web activism
  • collective authorship

download presentation pdf (portuguese only)

re|act @ Shanghai eArts

October 24, 2007

I gave a talk about art & collaboration in Shanghai, invited by re|act festival. The presentation is available as a PDF and MP3

Planetary Collegium Summit

April 22, 2007

I presented “MIND VJ – An interface to manipulate moving images in real time using brain waves” at the first Planetary Collegium Summit, in Montreal.

Presentation PDF (with notes)

History of Hypertext

February 18, 2006

A brief presentation about non-linear narratives, used as a class material.

download pdf (in portuguese)

Talk at the ZKM

January 18, 2006

I gave a presentation at the conclusion of my resident artist program at the ZKM (Center for Art & New Media, Karlsruhe, Germany). The first part was about my project that won the Media Art Award and the residency, Gridcosm 1000-000, and the second part was about the project I developed during my residency, Mind VJ. Both parts are archived on YouTube:

Gridcosm (1st part)

Mind VJ (2nd part)

Metaphors and Computer Generated Text

September 16, 2002

A paper about generative poetry and reasoning. Written for the Understanding Cybernetics class at the Master of Media Studies Program, New School University.

Little Movies: from the Kinetoscope to Quicktime

July 15, 2001

A paper about Lev Manovich’s piece “Little Movies”. Written for the Interactive Documentary class at the Master of Media Studies Program, New School University.

Artists and Articipants

April 12, 2001

A short paper about the SITO.ORG website. Presented at the Critical Themes in Media Studies Conference, 2001, New York.

read the paper

Masters thesis

July 30, 1999

I finished my Masters degree at PUC-RS with a research about SITO.ORG‘s project GRIDCOSM. It’s called: “NOVAS IMAGENS PARA UM NOVO MEIO – Um estudo de caso do website de arte interativa SITO” and it’s available for download as  PDF (in portuguese only)

Deep Blue x Kasparov

November 12, 1997

Paper about man vs. machine, written for the Sociology of Communication class at the Master of Communications, PUC-RS, and also published at Não-til magazine.

download PDF (in portuguese)

Mona Lisa tours the Internet

October 22, 1997

Paper about art, images & digital media. Presented at the International Seminar: “Culture in the Information Age”. PUC-RS, 1997.

Read the paper (in portuguese)

Time and space in cyberspace

October 15, 1997

Paper for the class “Communications in the Digital Era”, Masters in Communication, PUC-RS.

download PDF (in portuguese)

Snow White and the Seven Pixels

November 2, 1993

A study about digital images. My final paper for the undergraduade program in Communications at UFRGS University.

download pdf (originally a TXT-ASCII file – in portuguese)


December 2, 1991

leadersI worked as a researcher at the Laboratory for Electronic Art & Design, FABICO/UFRGS from 1991 to 1999. Under the orientation from professors Flavio Cauduro and Marilia Levacov, we researched Digital Art & Design, studied and participated in the birth and growth of the World Wide Web, developed events and curricula, talked to modems, among many other things. As a tribute to those times, I put online a back-up of the lab’s first web pages, plus a later redesign. You can also check out its current website and learn about the people who are carrying on with research at LEAD nowadays.

Currency Lab board game

April 6, 2015


Print, Cut and Play! Download the game and learn about alternative currencies.


March 22, 2015

eatgoa game for making mindful, healthy & nutritious choices

Feijoada pizza

June 10, 2014

pizzaAn antropological culinary experience: Brazilian flavors as perceived by Germans. Watch the brave volunteers who prepared and tried a feijoada (bean stew) pizza.

Winter sunrises

November 27, 2013

sunriseMy body’s reaction to winter in high latitudes is to jolt up at the first ray of light. Then I take winter sunrise pictures.

How I became interested in Neuroscience

January 7, 2012

Astronaut cats, serendipity, blog addiction confessions and more in a 6-minute attempt at stand-up comedy at Pecha-Kucha Berlin. Slides & audio.

Art & Technology radio show

November 28, 2011

I’m the Berlin correspondent of Julio Costa’s Art & Technology radio show.

Check out the latest episodes and subscribe to the podcast (in Portuguese)


June 12, 2009

snapshotsa collection of snapshots.

things I find curious, images I want to remember, my daily routine…

GPS walk

August 9, 2008

picture-22A walk on a sunny day in Frankfurt. From the Zoo to the River bank. My walked path with pictures taken along the way.

UPDATE: also my Berlin ’round the block picture tour featuring nice cafes, restaurants and sitting opportunities along Kastanienallee and Oderbergerstrasse.


July 23, 2008

signagesSome pictures of weird, funny, disturbing, nonsensical, ugly, and mildly interesting signs, collected as I walk around. Enjoy.

China 2007

October 16, 2007

china2007I spent a week in Shanghai, thanks to the kind invitation from Carmen and Wolfram from re|act festival. My eastern adventures are posted at my travel blog.

Maria Cultura

November 11, 2006

mariaI’m a partner at this communication agency dedicated exclusively to cultural-related clients and jobs. Maria Cultura offers services ranging from strategic planning and marketing to design, production and documentation.


October 16, 2004

linguarudaA collection of pictures of me and other people, animals, things… showing their tongue.

my design portfolio

July 3, 2003

portfolioa sample of my design works,  featuring: web, flash, print, illustrations, e-flyers and resume.

Donkey Raver

May 19, 2003


A labyrinth built by James Graham

Site designed and realized by Lenara Verle

Lenara Action Figure

October 29, 2001

actionfigureNow you can have your own Lenara in your event!

Who needs fancy telepresence robotics or cyborgs? Using a simple technology called cardboard, you can print and assemble your natural-sized Lenara and customize it by writing the desired speech into the provided talk bubble. Just cut and fold along the lines to assemble!

See you there!!!

Burning girl

August 30, 1999

burninglenin 1999 I went to the Burning Man Festival, in Black Rock City, Nevada, and wrote an article about it. (portuguese)


July 21, 1999

my webzine. created with Mari Fiorelli

USA 98

November 11, 1998

usa98I traveled coast-to-coast the US with my sister. Along the way we took pictures, wrote about our trip and posted all on the web. So did our hosts. Later I collected all the travel reports in a book (pdf)

Lenara Total Immersion

April 9, 1998

oiAn overdose of myself. Some friends claim to show this page to roommates before I visit so they can “meet” me. Click if you’re brave, and rotate a 360 QTVR of my head while watching videos and animations featuring yours truly.

Birthday cyberparty

October 9, 1996


Since 1996 I’ve started a tradition of doing a “cyberparty” on my birthday, with invited cyberguests showing up via videoconferencing. Here is some documentation from it and a magazine article (pdf – in portuguese).

my first web page

October 12, 1994

passeioA tour through Porto Alegre. The first webpage I ever designed.