Workshop Students

The workshop’s goal is to make better (more beautiful, more useful, more creative) versions of 7 existing open design projects. One of the key concepts of Open Design is that it’s open not only to be replicated, but also to be refined and evolved further by the community.

The projects have different levels of difficulty, come from a range of fields (architecture / design / gardening), use various materials (paper / electronics / plants) and were chosen along some common themes (home / animals / plants / music)


  • introduction & presentation – 30 minutes
  • designing + prototyping – 1 hour
  • documentation of results for open source community – 30 minutes
  • presentation of results for the group – 30 minutes
  • feedback and discussion – 30 minutes

Post-workshop homework: final publishing of results on open design platforms (format and media to be decided after documentation, presentation and feedback).



Download the Workshop Guide