Exhibition Space

Do you prefer serendipitous art discoveries to hyped galleries?
Do you want to find a new public for your art?
Do you want to send your current public to a new space?

We are accepting applications for our very unique exhibition space in Berlin.


It’s a very small space (fits 20×30 cm of artwork)
It’s very off the beaten path (inside an allotment garden association).

The typical public you can expect there is:
– other garden owners
– people walking their dogs
– thieves
– people who are lost
– determined/curious friends of the artist who manage to arrive there without getting lost

If you feel you would like to exhibit in our space, please send us your proposal and images.


There is no fee to submit your artwork or to exhibit.

We don’t provide insurance, but we do our best to make the exhibition space waterproof and hard to steal. The space is located outdoors and it’s accessible 24/7 but there is no artificial light so night visitors must bring their own lights.