Waiting for the waiters to be replaced by robots by Marko Zubak

Opening: May 28th, 2022 – 3 PM

Artist Statement:

Waiting for the waiters to be replaced by robots” is an interactive papertoy installation based on the short loop animation tokenized as a gif on KnownOrigin, Nov. 2020 under the same name. In the tokenized piece, MLIBTY Shadows appear as owners of the organic factory. Everybody waits, but shadows are permanent.

People are falling into infinity and AI is there too. The artist is there as well. The idea comes from these (fortunately rare) situations where the waiters have a bad day and anything can happen, while one waits for their service.

In this new version, the work is extended to a physical papertoy scene which includes the AR layer (accessible via the QR code in it). It’s worth mentioning that the three papertoys used in this installation are customized by remixing the DADA Creeps & Weirdos drawings.

About the Artist:

Marko Zubak’s work explores urban settings, some modern, others falling apart. Texture, dimension and emptiness are routinely expressed in his work which is semi-abstract in style. Also known as “MLIBTY”, he seeks to create a new reality from established places on the canvas and digital art.

Marko Zubak was born in 1979 in Zagreb, Croatia, in an artist surrounding, and started to create soon, playing in the family gallery on the island Rab. He starts studying painting at “Accademia delle belle arti di Bologna”, Italy in 1999. After three years of studying he has moved to Barcelona where he concluded his degree in “Facultad de Bellas Artes de Barcelona”, in 2006. He lives and works in Zagreb and Rovinj.