(blockchain pixels = pixelchain) + monztruosity = MONZTERZ!


Tell me about the Monzterz

Each Monzter is unique and made with 32×32 pixels and 16 colors. 

Why so few pixels and colors?

They live on the blockchain that’s why they have very few pixels.

The Monzterz are created using Pixelchain.

What is Pixelchain?

Pixelchain is a tool for creating images. It stores the artwork data inside the Ethereum blockchain.

Why put art on the blockchain?

The artworks are cryptographically signed and the blockchain guarantees ownership. Each Monzter has only one owner.

Can I own a Monzter?

If you want to adopt a Monzter check here for available ones being sold at the OpenSea marketplace.

You will need an Ethereum wallet and some Ether cryptocurrency.
If you don’t have that yet, check this info on how to get started.

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By Y0b