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art installation by Lenara Verle for Entretempo's Art Garden

Art Garden

There are about 300 hectar of unused cemetary ground in Berlin’s inner city. This land can be recycled and reclaimed for the living through gardening initiatives.

GRÜNE LIGA Berlin and ENTRETEMPO KITCHEN GALLERY decided to take action and resume responsibilty for one of this hidden gems: the abandoned cemetary St. Georgen Parochial I.

Based on the experiences of the Matria Jardín in Oaxaca, Mexico, this project will revive the site by turning it into an art garden, a place of physical and mental recreation and most of all: a place for everyone.

The garden will stay open to new artists and ideas, creating a live space that is in a constant state of regeneration.

As a grassroots-project the Art Garden lives and grows with the people who contribute to it.

Download the map and list of artists