Pumpkinettes and wood planters
Self planted tomato jungle is ripening, along with many other things. Our pumpkins are indeed a very small sort, but are quite tasty. Raised beds on the south corner are built and waiting to be filled with hugelkultur layers of dead wood, soil and compost.
October 9

Goldenrod Season
Our planters are overflowing with tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. We built four more planters with demolition wood, so we can triple the harvest next year. Applied last week lots of compost and nettle tea to the berry and flower edges.
August 23

July2020 Report
Black raspberries and wild rucola ready to pick. New planters being built from scrap wood. We had a big cherry harvest. Berries on the north side could use a boost.
july 12

Mimi’s brood
Cherries, roses, strawberries, currants and gooseberries are the main June harvests. We don’t see them in the video but there are 4 baby blackbirds in a nest under our roof eave.
june 17

Cherry Care
A big jump in greenness since last month. Strawberries flowering, clematis regrowing. We netted several cherry branches to protect them from flies.
May 8

Easter 2020
A warm Sunday at the garden. Plum, cherry and pear trees are in various stages of bloom. Berry bushes are also flowering. The tulips haven’t been doing so well this year.
April 12

Spring Quarantine
Apricot blooms. Berries leafing out. Apple grafted. Prepping corner for Rubbleberg.
March 21

Winterless Spell
After a very mild winter, berry bushes are already leafing out and bulbs pushing up.
February 28

Dewdrops and Sun
Still harvesting mustard, garlic, kale, cabbage… Temperatures are not too cold. The house renovation is finally done.
December 20

Late Fall 2019
Lots of bokashi was buried to improve the soil. Green manures are still growing and the cherry tree hasn’t dropped leaves yet. House construction continues on a sunny fall day. Later we saw an impressive full moon rise.
November 11

Calico Visit
Enjoying an indian summer after the first frost that finished our tender plants. Intrepid mice hunter “calico” the cat comes for a quick visit. Asters blooming, new chestnut planted, and north wall gets a coat of paint.
October 13

Art Opening
A sunny autumn day, the garden received several visitors for a new opening at our art exhibition space. Before they arrived I made a short video update. Everything is still very green and colorful but slowly winding down. The pond frog is gone and a young frog has taken its place.
September 14

Maxixe Jungle
Planter madness continues. The compost plus sub-irrigation is now nurturing a jungle of African cucumbers. Our pears have been harvested and are delicious. Next are apples and plums which are already starting to fall from the trees.
August 23

Tomato Jungle
The sub irrigated planters are doing very well. Pears, apples and plums ripening. Cherries have been harvested and the netting was a success to control the cherry flies. Grateful for our established fruit trees.
July 27

Natural Pest Control
Midsummer growth in full force. New rose blossoms. First berries are ripening. We have lots of ladybugs hatching and munching on aphids.
June 9

Poppy time
Also rose, lupine, columbine, clematis, foxglove… many flowers are opening up as the summer approaches. I love how the garden shifts color from year to year as niches open up for new plants to sprout and grow.
May 29

Cherry Experiment
Hoping to get some branches (and their fruit) protected from the cherry flies. Strawberries, blueberries, gooseberries, currants on their way. A lot to be planted in the ground now that we entered frost-free season.
May 18

Graft Growing
Spring is bringing steady regrowth. We have been harvesting and eating lots of perennial and early greens and roots. Chickweed, ground elder, nettles, evening primrose, garlic greens and overwintered kale among others. The apple grafting experiment resulted in one successful new apple variety added to our tree.
May 9

Nancy rose planting
New discoveries spotted while plants are still small and slowly coming up. New berry bushes are growing well. We planted a very special rose.
April 6

Bulbs Map
Inventory of bulbs pushing up in early spring. The wind messed up the audio.
March 18

Winter Flowers
A taste of spring in February. Witch hazel and snow drops blooming, plus some crocus. Brassicas survived winter well but artichokes not so much.
February 20

Winter Droning
First garden report of 2019. We fly a cheap drone around with mixed success. Some hardy greens are still producing. Later a fox came by when we were leaving the garden.
January 6

The first big frost was yesterday and today is cold and gray. Our garlic patch is planted (and bigger than last year).
November 18

Falling Leaves
Raking sounds fill this quick update made before the battery ran out. We are still harvesting broccoli, kale, squash, radish, carrots. Most of our trees and bushes have dropped their leaves already and are making buds preparing for next year’s growth.
November 5

October Fall Activity
Last harvests, asters blooming, beautiful autumn light on yellowing hues.
October 12

September Dry Early Fall
Dry flower stalks all around. Ripe grapes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.
September 19

August Plums Pears Apples
August is harvest month. Lots of fruit ripening. Some flowers and bushes have noticeably suffered with the dry summer we are having.
August 11

July Pumpkinland
The lawn has been mostly taken over by the pumpkins, squash and zucchini. Apples and pears are on their way to ripening a bumper crop. Some things we planted in two different spots, like corn and kale, clearly show one doing better than the other.
July 16

June Greenery
Summer kicking in, lots of growth, happy to see all the fruit looking much better than last year and hoping for a good harvest.
June 17

Dry Late Spring
It’s been an unusually dry spring. We come every other day to water the seedlings still being established.
May 27

Spring Progress
We are creating more planting space. Former lawn and compost areas were turned into vegetable beds. New flowers blooming and new pond grasses acquired.
May 17

Early May
Greens growing. Fruit swelling. Twiggy beds being built. Cherry flies. Coughing and lawnmowing sound effects.
May 4

What is growing midspring
Greening up fast. Potatoes growing and berries making flower.
April 26

Perennials Regrowing
Great to see old friends coming back and new planted friends coming up. Removing lots of heliopsis and putting in donated perennial flowers from neighbors.
April 15

Spring Chores
Bush trimming, compost sifting, scrap wood organizing. And bulb flowers continue to push up!
April 4

Winter Ending
Crocus and Witch Hazel attracting bees already, but not much else growing yet on this first warm sunny day of the year.
Mar 11

Almost Winter
Winter is around the corner and we will be away for 3 months. The exhibition space is installed, and there are still some green things growing.
Nov 26

Just Before Frost
Late October update. The garden is slowing down for the winter, leaves yellowing and falling everywhere. Soon afterwards we had a frost that finished a lot of the annuals.
Oct 22

Golden October
Showy bulbs were planted and the rock garden around the pear/pond redesigned with new succulents.
Oct 15

Fall arriving
Things are slowing down and we are preparing the soil for next year
Sep 8

Summer’s End
since the last update we harvested apricots, plums, berries… but no apples or pears this year sadly.
Aug 24

Midsummer Update
We had lots of rain, and have been very lazy with garden work
Jul 9

Late spring growth spurt
We were away for two weeks and things just sprung up
May 26

What is growing May
a wet and cold spring so far but the plants keep growing (of course)
May 15

What is growing – April
Soundtrack: wind, tape being ripped, hail falling. The camera cannot focus very well. Even with all this, you can see some plants growing in the garden (some sharper than others… 🙂
Apr 18

What is growing – early spring
Walk around the garden documenting the location of some early blooming bulb flowers plus other plants I’m mostly clueless about.
Mar 29