- three cities
- two hemispheres
- one comic book...

... and many authors!

A workshop joining both coasts of the US plus the south of Brazil.
All working on a single story at the same time.

When: June 30th 2004   7 PM - 10 PM
Where: Flux Factory - New York, NY
The Know - Portland, OR
Unisinos - Porto Alegre, Brazil
How: using the Shuffleupagus collaboration method!

Check out the results:
The Story
The Characters
The Artists

~~SHUFFLEUPAGUS explained:~~

A. The deck

It all starts with two decks of seeds. One has characters and the other has settings.

How do we get them? The workshop participants draw them at the beginning!

Examples of characters we had: "zombie farmer", "woman walking her pet pickle", "cowboy tater-tot", "robot with long legs".
Examples of settings: "drag race", "abstract space", "martini glass", "a stone stairway"

B. The process

    Combination diagram
  1. Four people volunteer for ROUND 1. Give them each a blank card.
  2. Choose characters and settings at random from the decks.
  3. Each of the four artists draws the randomly chosen characters within the randomly chosen setting. It's cool if everyone uses the same type of pens/pencils.

    ROUND 1 diagram

  4. Place the resulting four cards one in each of the positions shown.
  5. Blank cards go between the completed cards.
  6. Now things get interesting... Send the four finished cards plus the chosen characters to another group of volunteers. They don't have to be in the same room. They don't have to be in the same city! Beam them over the Internet or thru a fax machine.

    ROUND 2 diagram

  7. Five people will be needed in ROUND 2 to complete one page.
  8. The task for the artists is to create an "in between" panel that bridges the gap between the panel on their right and left. We went clockwise, but you could go either way, just make sure it's decided when you start. Make sure it's clear where the start/end panel is.
  9. Gather the results (have them sent back to your location).

    All done!

  10. You should have nine cards total, assembled in one page.
  11. Repeat until everybody is exhausted and you have many pages.
  12. Voila! Comic!