Por do Sol no Guaíba (Guaiba Sunset)

The sun turns orange, red and magenta at the end of every afternoon. It's the sunset in Porto Alegre, when the sun gently descends in the Guaiba River.When it is over, a deep blue leads the night. Pride to many citizens, the sunset is quoted also by the famous poet Mario Quintana:

"A long time ago, Marques Rebello came to Porto Alegre. We walked with him one of these afternoons, Telmo Vergara and me (Mario Quintana), around the Petropolis' heights.
It is enough to say it was autumn in Porto Alegre. I told the visitor:
-You see? The colors don't mix: everything seems to be scissor-cut in the horizon. The cityscape of Porto Alegre preceeded the Impressionism.
He kneeled, looked with his eyes wide open, agreed with everything we said.
When Rebello went back to Rio de Janeiro, wrote on the paper:
-As they have nothing to show, are proud of sunsets!!"

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photos: Eduardo Tavares, contact: (051) 331.7684
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Last updated: May 4, 1995