Photo Album

Snow in the Park
a sunny sunday
and 5 inches of snow...
January 21st


4E Open Studio
December 15

  see what crazy artists around the world did with these pictures
  also see the party invitation and the cyberparty invitation
  and of course, look at the art we showed !!!


Ed in NY


Ranjit's Vibrotron
move real objects with your mouse!
magic? no, special sound waves.


Panic Booth
Philadelphia, Nov 4
> > Pictures HERE < <


Halloween 2000
pumpkins and costumes


Caique in NY
September 30


Mark in NY


tati & the sky
the day we defeated the alarm!


Lenara's Birthday
October, 8
A jazz club in Chelsea


Tatiana's long hair
NY Rapunzel??


Tatiana's Birthday
September, 23