conceptual background

The role of the VJ is to create a visual performance in real time, inspired by the rhythm and flow of the DJ's music performance.

In MIND VJ, the idea is to use the rhythm of our own brain waves as the conducting element for the performance. In this manner, we can tap into a normally "hidden" area of our body (brain function and its electrical activity) and make it "visible" in the form of projected images. In this case, the images projected won't be wave graphs, like the ones usually plotted by medical EEG machines, but artistic images, undergoing real-time changes and manipulations controlled by the current brain wave output of the subject (the MIND VJ)

Provocatively, The MIND VJ project references thoughts of utopian cyber dreams about the ultimate direct brain to computer interface, and on the other side brings paranoid ideas of "mind reading" and "mind control".

The ultimate goal is to create a visually interesting experience, at the same time bringing awareness to the amount of control we have (and don't have) over our own brains.