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What is Intrepid Camera?

A workshop that will build “Intrepid Cameras” and send them to record video of various types of urban explorations, not always available directly to humans.

The workshop participants will be divided in groups and can propose their own or choose from a list of suggested “Intrepid Camera Missions”. They may choose to build cameras that can be, for example:

- thrown from the top of buildings to document the landscape vertically (like school “egg drop” projects)
- attached to moving vehicles/transportation (ex: trains/ cars/ bikes/ skateboards)
- sent down the sewers (and recovered)
- fly around the city
among many other possible urban adventures to be decided based on interestingness/challenge, access to materials and solutions, available permits, plus any other pertinent factors.

All materials must be brought by the workshop participants, which are encouraged to create solutions from cheap, recycled materials and use low end cameras available to them. Use of criativity to spare their pockets is encouraged. Ideally, no cameras should be harmed, but accidents can happen and some sacrifices may be needed for the sake of intrepidness.

Workshop schedule:
phase 1: discussion of mission ideas and solutions
phase 2: building the cameras
phase 3: field test and recordings
phase 4: showcase and evaluation of results

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