The idea

The Infinite Grid is an example of a different kind of art. It is differnet because it is not made by only one person, but for many ones. And it is also different because it's never finished, but in a continuated process of change and growth. It is being made colaboratively trought the Internet and people from all over the world can participate on its creation.

The Infinite Grid is made of 16 squares. Each square's image is created by a different artist. They are meant to blend seamlessly with its surrounding squares, crating a bigger picture. The artists can make as many variations to each square as they wish, enabling multiple possibilities for assembling the picture.

The viewer can then choose from the available possibilities. Right now, there are 86,4 billion of different possibilities to assemble the Infinite Grid. The goal is to continue growing and eventually aproach infinitude.

The history

The Infinite Grid idea was developed in july 1994, by Lynn Bry and Ranjit Bhatnagar, two participants of the Sito project. Since then, more than 40 artist have participated in its creation.

Sito is a digital art gallery and also a virtual community of artist that meet trough the Internet. They create artistic projects with the digital tools that are availble to them in the virtual world. Most of them are made colaboratively. These works of art live in a virtual, and sometimes hyperdimensional world. It is populated by 'bots' that build the walls and rooms of the virtual universe when the images are transfered by the artists to the Sito central computer.
Sito can be reached at

The exhibit

Unlike traditional works of art, that are finished pieces we can only watch to, Infinite Grid is part art and part game, since you can interact with what you're seeing.

The viewer can build his/her own square to each position on the grid, or simply assemble his/her favourite(s) image(s) with the available squares.

The latter possibilities will be available to the visitors of the Alice's Mirror exhibit in two different spaces. One space is made of bits and the other is made of atoms. They can interact with the Infinite Grid in both spaces and enjoy their experience.


Infinite Grid Page at Sito