Documenting Exchanges

Please document your exchanges in a comment below!

first exchange.

The first exchange happened when I was hanging up the piece, a day before the opening. Here’s a picture:


Notes about this exchange: I had to learn what a chuck under the chin was to be able to perform it. Kind of glad we didn’t go with the first idea of exchanging it for a spit in the eye.


Hugs are popular

After the opening I counted which vouchers people took the most. Stories and Songs seemed to be perceived as more valuable, but the ones most exchanged on the spot were Hugs. Here’s a picture.


Handshakes were the ones least taken.


Transmediale double hug

At the 2014 Transmediale the “one Hug” voucher was manually upgraded to the value of two hugs after it was exchanged twice. Reason why: “because we are all good friends”.

I also got in exchange for the voucher a world map to cut and assemble showing all sites where nuclear explosions took place ever.

two_hugs_front   two_hugs_back


A Story for a Spanking?

In Portland Oregon I exchanged a story voucher during a picnic. The story I got was this: “I was arriving at an airport in the midwest. While coming out of the gate I heard someone telling the following joke: ‘Have you heard about the corduroy pillows? They’re making headlines!’ I thought: what a typical midwestern joke.”

I also got gifted one “Portland as Fuck” tag voucher for a “free free free spanking”. Apparently it’s also redeemable with whoever wants to. Maybe even outside of Portland. Maybe I’ll find out.

free_spanking   free_pdx_fuck

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  • Lenara

    According to the vouchers, you make them more unique & valuable by documenting the exchanges. Do you agree or not? Why?

    11/27/13 – 4:53 pm