What is it?

An interactive piece offering gift vouchers that can be taken by the public.

The vouchers may be redeemed by whoever is willing to accept them at either face value or for any other negotiated and agreed upon item.

Each voucher has a code that can be used to document its life and circulation in the gift economy.


How does it look like?

Detail  One Story exchanged  First exchange  The piece
Here are some pictures: Detail / Exchanging a Story / Exchange documented / Piece on the wall


What’s the concept behind it?

It’s all explained in this Artist Statement. It has to do with alternative currencies, collaboration, non-monetary exchanges, gift giving and having fun interacting with other fellow humans.


Where can I see it?

Showing at:

Entretempo Kitchen Gallery
19.06 to 19.07.2014
Senefelderstr. 29
10437 Berlin

Pop-up Art Gallery Berlin
28.02 to 05.03.2014
Hohenstaufenstraße 60

Group Global 3000 “Gift as Problem” exhibit.
29.11.2013 to 24.01.2014
Berlin, Germany

Or, if you missed the shows, write me and I can send you some vouchers.


Where can I redeem the vouchers?

Many brave people have already accepted the Gift Vouchers. In the Exchanges Section you can read all about how to get two hugs for the value of one, why a story voucher is worth the same as a triple free spanking, and what a chuck under the chin is.

IMG_2484   free_spanking   two_hugs_front


Who are you?

I’m Lenara Verle. I study media art & collaboration.

In both my research and my art I have been focusing recently on the theme of alternative economy and alternative currencies. Last year I created the interactive piece “Pull Lever” for the exhibit series Artistically Irrational, curated by a research center in behavioral economics at Duke University, USA. The piece is now part of the center’s permanent collection.