what: a collaborative film/game project

official site: www.gamefilm.tv
(cached from archive.org)

when: February-April 2005

where: 8 different Universities in 4 countries, including UNISINOS - Brazil

who: UNISINOS team: Lenara Verle (coordinator), Henrique Freitas, Yentl Delanhesi, Pablo Sotomayor, Rodrigo Sharnberg, Gabriela Muhlbach, Ana Lucia Migowski, Juliano Rodrigues, Marcelo Bilibio, Cristiane Konrath Ramires, Denis Gomes, Ramiro Fernandez (students from the Digital Communication and Game Development undergrad programs)
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how: The plot, "Descent to the Underworld", is based on a common myth about a journey to retrieve someone who has died or been kidnapped by the spirit or king of the underworld.