EATGOInspired by the lunch buffets ubiquitous in Brazil, EAT GO is a game that helps us make mindful, healthy & nutritious choices when we have to eat on the go.


In the Play Eat! exhibition we are showing the concept idea and the first paper prototype of the game, which you are invited to play. We will also have a workshop to develop this prototype into its next steps so you can collaborate with us in the EAT GO project.


The idea is to feature an intelligent scale that will connect to a nutrition database and calculate the content of every serving in the buffet. The personalized meal nutrition data is directed into a game and mobile app. The gameplay helps in making mindful choices towards nutritious and healthy goals, and allows friends to connect and play together.




It’s easy to play, just like a bingo card. But instead of a rolling cage full of numbers, what decides the game are you meal choices. Challenge your friends to see who fills the card first.

Download the PDF of JPG and print!





Pictures from the Play Eat! Exhibition at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery.

November 2015





Help us decide how the app game will work. A group brainstorm for nutritious improvement!

Dates to be announced