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Artists' Book

You've opened the Artists' Book. All the artists in the Gallery have their names listed here. Note that the most recent acquisitions are listed first.
If you need more information about the artists and their work you can ask for a guide.

Adolfo Bittencourt
Ana Cláudia Gruszynski
Chris Johnson
Daniel Vidor
Eloar Guazelli
Evelise Anicet
Fábio Zimbres
Fernando Bakos
Flávio Gonçalves
Flávio V Cauduro
Ivana Verle
Joice Giacomoni
Lenara Verle
Leopoldo Plentz
Luiz Antônio Rocha
Mariza Carpes
Neusa Thomé
Regina Cesa
Roberto Tietzmann
Rosa Casaccia
Sandra Rey
Silvana Bellini

If you have finished to read the book, you can return to the hall, and explore the Gallery. Have fun!
Last updated October 4, 1995 - Lenara Verle - lenara@cesup.ufrgs.br